First Impressions and Job Interviews… Oh My!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world free of judgement?

Of course it would.
Does that make it true?
Of course it doesn’t.


Going on a job interview is one long period of judgement. You are trying to take everything in and decide “is this the place for me?” and consequently, your interviewer is forming their opinions of you as soon as you walk through the door. Clothes, hair style, quality of handshake are all fair game to start the judging – oh yea, and your resume, job qualifications, etcetera. Then, as soon as you give your initial greeting – your accent. Your accent is beautiful and part of who you are, but is it also something that you are being judged for when being considered for a position?

Short answer: yes!

“A person can speak flawless English, but an accent causes him or her to be seen as someone who can’t do the job”

Dianne Markley, professor
University of North Texas at Denton
“Do You Sound Right for the Job?”

Having an accent has nothing to do with how well we are able to speak English, it is simply a beautiful representation of where we were raised, our family, our history, our first language. The truth is, there are sounds in English that don’t exist in any other language and there are sounds across worldly languages that can’t be found in American English. None of this makes either language wrong, it just makes it different.

The question is: is the difference large enough to get in the way of how you’re understood in a professional setting?

Accent modification is not ERASING your accent, it is SMOOTHING out your accent to make you an effective communicator, no matter what.

“An accent shouldn’t matter, but it does. That’s life.”

Carlos Soto
National Hispanic Corporate Council, President
“Do You Sound Right for the Job?”

Accent Helper is here to help give you the confidence and skill you need to improve your American English accent so you can concentrate on the most important part of an interview: how to make your weaknesses sound like strengths.


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