Healing Through Communication

You are an amazing doctor – no one knows your specialty better than you do.


Then, why is your colleague getting more business, more attention, more accolades?  Why are patients asking to see a different physician?

What is the cause of the gap between the doctor you are and what your patients are experiencing?  As a medical professional, you are being asked to meet EXTREMELY HIGH expectations not only in your medical knowledge but also in how you are perceived.  The first thing that anyone will notice is how you sound.

Right now, your ability to communicate successfully with your patients and colleagues is directly related to your accent.

Patient surveys are consistently showing that patients are looking for better communication with their doctors and effective communication starts with how well you are understood.

Tongue et al reported that 75% of the orthopedic surgeons surveyed believed that they communicated satisfactorily with their patients, but only 21% of the patients reported satisfactory communication with their doctors.

As usual, it is very difficult to look at ourselves and determine where the breakdown of how we perceive ourselves and how we are being perceived by others occurs.  What can you do to be better?

If you are presented with a new diagnosis or want to learn a new treatment approach, you look for resources and grow as a professional.  Looking for help to improve your American English accent is no different.

Accent Helper is the answer.  Our 13 week, research-based program is created around your everyday communication needs.  Success is inevitable with our highly individualized approach.

Put in the time.  Make YOURSELF the priority.

Be the doctor everyone wants to see, be the nurse practitioner that all the patients ask for.

The medical system is turning toward patient surveys to guide reimbursement and that means it is more and more important to make the best impression every time a patient interacts with their medical professional.  Don’t be left behind.


Intelligibility is the foundation of ANY communication.

You have a limited amount of time to work on all the dynamics of a successful, patient-doctor relationship – getting the patient to comprehend the complexity of their treatment plan, providing accurate education of their prognosis, ensuring all options are presented as thoroughly as possible – there is no time to worry if they are able to hear all the important information when it’s being clouded by your accent.

You work hard to make your patients feel safe and we are here to provide you with the same safety. This is a safe place to talk about what is hard for you when communicating in your professional setting. Accent Helper is here to focus solely on what is important to you and what will make an immediate impact on your day-to-day communication.

“The patient will never care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” – Terry Canale

Complete the free screening and receive an email with your initial analysis results and additional information on how to get started with improving your American English accent.

Don’t let your accent get in the way!

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