Breaking the Mold

Looking around at all the different options for accent modification on the internet, I feel like there is one thing they all seem to have in common:

They count on you fitting the ‘one-size-fits-most’ program.

You pay some money, download a video and hope for the best. Maybe one of the trainers will deem you worthy of some ‘one-on-one time’ with them and give you some ‘specialized instruction’(AKA What they are really saying is “If you pay us more money you can get the REALLY good stuff”).

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What if you could find a program that is targeted to what you need?

What if you could be in charge of the vocabulary addressed and participate in a program tailored to the sounds that impact your speech the most – not the sounds that are ‘usually’ impacted by someone with ‘your background’ or ‘your type of native language accent’?

Your language needs can’t be targeted with a blanket approach any more than one diet can work for everyone.

I want to make a program that means something to you, I want to target the sounds that can make an immediate impact on your day to day communication – this is about YOU, not about who can ‘generally benefit’ from a generic, pre-made, ‘from the box’ treatment recipe.

Accent Helper is a program that needs YOU to complete it.

Please take the time to complete the free screening and receive an email with your initial analysis results and additional information on how to get started with improving your American English accent.

Don’t let your accent get in the way!

Fill out the form below to receive your free accent analysis.

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